I will post some mandelbulb art tomorrow, I’ve been trying it again with the same oldie software, which I use because I know how!

As an ‘artist’ I use the software to create scenarios that I like, but the complex mathematical formulas have ultimate say in the form.

Because of that, you really need sharp structural, emotional, and aesthetic compositional skills, because it’s basically pure composition.

Huh? Whuzzat?

Finished up some more work over the past couple of nights. Going to try to photograph it if the light is right tomorrow. (This in advance of buying some new bulbs and doing slightly better photography, at which point I’ll try to rephotograph everything and then upload until my head explodes.)

Also, flung those last three paintings I posted into the ‘painting’ gallery section, so if you want to see them there, go ahead and click, I dare ya!

And there you go! 3 new works in the Painting Gallery!


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