Two Paintings With The Same Name (Details)

I listen to music very closely while painting, and one of my go-to musicians is Lindsey Buckingham, which is why these two paintings ended up with the same name, the title of a Buckingham song. I’ll probably change one name before unleashing these on the unsuspecting public. Last night was a good one for painting though. About 45 minutes of staring at both pieces, and about 15 minutes of throwing color down. The more I think, the better the result. I’m happy with these two. They’re done, except for a little coat of clear, watered down acrylic to give them a slight sheen and seal them up. Seal it up.


"All My Sorrows"
“All My Sorrows”
All My Sorrows
“All My Sorrows”

“A Long Time Ago We Used To Be Friends”

Is this the last painting I ‘completed’? And, what the hell does completing a painting actually mean, anyway? All those art teachers would say you take your painting up to the beauty point, then you push it over the edge, then you try to bring it back again. It’s a weird philosophy, but I guess that’s what happens to us in real life all the time. Tension. Release. Or something. I like how violent this one is.


It’s possible I had spiderwebs in my hair for the last 5 hours

But that’s what you get, I suppose. Felt something tugging at the bits of hair stuck up by gel, while taking out the garbage, but looked up and felt nothing. Same thing while taking out recycling. Finally noticed a spiderweb attached to the grape vine, but thought not too much of it.

Went out to Letterpress PDX to do a little cleaning and organizing – I’m volunteering to earn time on the Chandler Price so I can print some card designs. Will be debuting styles this Autumn at at least one store in town, and will be shopping them to others, as well as offering them on Etsy. But yeah, spiderwebs in the hair there, at the library, Fred Meyer, and elsewhere.

Also started four new panels last night and worked on two pieces still in progress. It’s good to be busy, and artists, like sharks, need to keep moving or perish. I’m learning this later than optimal, but better later than never.

In Studio 8/11/14



Keeping up appearances.

The old webpage has been due for a little upkeep for some time now, which is what I’m doing. Up above are links to a gallery of my paintings and digital fractal art (which has been getting the lion’s share of effort lately). I think this makes for a more clean, logical appearance and allows some room for me to ruminate on the process of being an artist or whatever, while posting looks at new work and what have you.