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Who knew that working with the awesome Bridget Larrabee ( and her curation efforts for IFC’s Portlandia would provide prove (lol – editor) so inspirational? (Probably everyone …)

Anyway, here’s a detail of something new, “Baby Can I Change My Mind” almost done, and more to come.

“Baby Can I Change My Mind”


As you know, (my two readers) “I Love Every Little Thing About You” snuck into the background of a scene in “Portlandia”, for a micro-second, (Season 6, Episode 4 – “Weirdo Beach – Oregon’s School For The Deaf”) behind a ruminating janitor who looks suspiciously like Cliff from “Cheers”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 9.11.53 PM

It’s an oldie at this point, but in actuality my all-time favorite. You can own it, and if you live in the Portland Oregon vicinity, I’ll deliver it to you personally for free.

Head to My Art Scout to find my individual page, and while there, drill back to check out all the other great art shown in seasons 5 – 7!

I Love Every Little Thing About You - 2011,  24" x 36" - $300
I Love Every Little Thing About You





Roll on Portlandia

Because they are all around cool people, Art Scout and the Portlandia Organization are selling the art seen in the last couple seasons of the show, and that includes one of my paintings!

Buy the art! Support the artists! Look for the sale, staring June 9th – the 28th (or something).

More to come.


Much as one would pound the chest of a drowned pig in order to prolong its life, here’s a link to this movie review.

(I no longer know what review I was referring to, but thought I’d publish this post anyway.)

2 digital images

These were fairly quick sketches on the iPad. In many ways so much easier than making physical paintings, but in so many ways so severely lacking. What do you think?



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