Out with the new, in with the old

Released from the vaults and available for sale! Free shipping in the continental US. Free personal delivery in the Portland OR metro area!

Fascination Street
“Fascination Street” – 2010, 10 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 1 1/2″

“Kiss Them for Me” Detail

I did a tiny amount of work on a painting while listening to instrumental tracks from the album Master Cylinder by the band Caveman Shoestore, the members of which were and are all monsters in their own right.


Talk about Pop Music

I’m a pop music fan. I love a good pop song. And when you’ve got cross-over appeal and immaculate production, it’s a confection hard not to gorge on.

So how is it that this wasn’t the biggest hit of the decade?

Wear headphones (not ear-buds) if you really want to enjoy the production.

And yeah, thanks to whoever does advertising for Target for bringing this song to a wider audience.





Content and Screen

I would like to personally move towards something like ‘Content-less Fridays’. A full day would be great, especially in conjunction with ‘content-less’ extended periods of time every day.

No screens (except as needed solely for work). No mindless feed-scrolling on the phone. No TV. No streaming. No checking CNN. No TV-on-in-the-background. No Facebook. No nothing.

Also, no radio, Spotify, no consumption of any media whatsoever.

No music, no reading, neither books nor magazines.

You may look at nature, or art (in person only, not online, no instagram, no pictures on your phone).


You may interact with yourself, your friends, family, strangers, pets. You may look out the window. You may engage in your day. You may be alone with your thoughts.




Dolby Mapfumo

I always think I’m looking for ‘Screen Kiss’, by Thomas Dolby, which is a fine song in its own right, but really what I’m looking for is this: The Flat Earth, also by Thomas Dolby.

Be advised it’s pretty nerdy post-new-romantic keyboard stuff.


In other news, I bet the Lion of Zimbabwe is feeling hopeful right now. Hit this tune to get your body and soul moving.

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