Much as one would pound the chest of a drowned pig in order to prolong its life, here’s a link to this movie review.

(I no longer know what review I was referring to, but thought I’d publish this post anyway.)

Eco Cab

I used to like to draw monsters, Godzilla, then R2-D2, then Ridley Scott’s Alien. X-men.

Like every other white suburban misanthrope, I read Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.

30 years later I would end up driving a cab on the graveyard shift …

What to do?

I’ve been toying around with an app on the iPad since I have taken a benighted and ill-deserved one-year break from painting. (Credit goes to my friend and far-more-talented painter David Patrick Trowbridge for the inspiration to hit the iPad.)

The problem is, (if it is indeed a problem) the app does things I can’t, and I can do things the app can’t.


I’ll post some images later.