“Pigeons, Meet Roost”

Here is a new 3D Fractal composition, from the realm of the Mandelbulb, which is the 3D version of the ‘Fractal Art’ posters you ancient 50-year-olds used to see in Mall kiosks. I call this one “Pigeons, Meet Roost” as a way to acknowledge how every decision we make impacts us directly, if not always in a timely fashion. You can buy prints, canvas prints, phone cases and way more, with this image, at this webpage. https://society6.com/kurtdahlkeartdesign

La-la-la Artist Statement

I think Artists with a Capital A lose about 90% of their potential audience with the Artist Statement.

No mistake, it’s a good idea to hash out why you do stuff, but nobody wants to hear it, in part because it sounds like pretentious BS, and it also sounds like every other damn Artist Statement. (There are sub-groups of such statements, of course, so a politically-minded artist is going to say stuff that sounds like other political artists, etc.)

I’ll stick to my most recent Statement that I hope any old person can relate to, which is that I just hope to make art that holds together. Also, I don’t work enough, or hard enough. (Now that’s something I bet a lot of people understand.)


I will post some mandelbulb art tomorrow, I’ve been trying it again with the same oldie software, which I use because I know how!

As an ‘artist’ I use the software to create scenarios that I like, but the complex mathematical formulas have ultimate say in the form.

Because of that, you really need sharp structural, emotional, and aesthetic compositional skills, because it’s basically pure composition.

The Secret Language of Artists

Something I heard a lot in Art School, and think of often, is the idea of artists creating their own language (visual) with which to communicate their ideas.

I’ve been working on my current dialect about 15 years. It’s tough!

The other thing I think about is how hand-in-hand ‘working on a personal language’ and ‘schizophrenia’ are, together.

Yes, my way of communicating is through shapes and colors and the idea of using those things to communicate a movement through time and our interior lives in a way that only I will ever really understand.

I thank you for your patronage.

PINK @ Splendorporium

I’ll have a couple of pieces showing at Splendorporium for its annual PINK show – and how did I never think of submitting something to that show before? Here is one of them, now!

At any rate, the opening is Friday February 7th 7 – 9pm. Address 3421 SW 31st in Portland OR.

“24 Robbers” 24″ x 30″

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been thinking about the artist’s statement again, which I guess defines what artists are trying to do and right now I’ve got “I don’t know, man, I just want to do something that holds together …”

Jason of Star Command

In honor of the recently departed Sid Haig, comes this painting from a couple years past. It’s the usual acrylic and graphite on joint compound, mounted on a sturdy wooden panel and framed in hemlock. 9.5″ x 14″

Take it home today! $90 with free shipping in the continental US.


Out with the new, in with the old

Released from the vaults and available for sale! Free shipping in the continental US. Free personal delivery in the Portland OR metro area!

Fascination Street
“Fascination Street” – 2010, 10 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 1 1/2″

“Kiss Them for Me” Detail

I did a tiny amount of work on a painting while listening to instrumental tracks from the album Master Cylinder by the band Caveman Shoestore, the members of which were and are all monsters in their own right.


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