They’re like my kids

Stop me if you’ve heard that before, but as most overused aphorisms go, it’s trite but true.

You can kill me now for writing the preceding sentence, but as my painting process goes, I do see a lot of frenzied world-building at the start, followed by ever-reducing instruction and refinement, until I deem the ‘child’ ready to fly on its own, often long after it already flew away.

Studio Time

Studio Practice is a fascinating aspect of Making Art and its legitimacy. If legitimacy is indeed the measure, I’m the cousin who looks like your twin brother, if you catch my drift.

The more I just take the time to look at WIPs every time I can, the better. Constant evaluation is certainly part of good Studio Practice.

No Sketchbook!

Haven’t had one in a long while and don’t know why.

One problem this creates, especially if you like to stay away from the phone every so often, is: where do you take notes when ideas occur to you while painting?

With HIGHLY SELECTIVE screening of what really needs to be written, I grab a Sharpie or big, dark pencil, and write on the work table.

“Always push the materials 2 do the work”

I consider my materials to be my employees I guess. They get free room, board, and health-care, at least!