Seeing Nature

I went to the Portland Art Museum this last Sunday to check out the ‘Seeing Nature’ show from the Paul G Allen collection. Dude has some ART!

I’ve been extra in touch with my emotions ever since my dad died in 2003, but art and music have always touched me very deeply. ‘Seeing Nature’ had for me one show-stopper, this massive (72″ x 108″) imagined landscape from April Gornik.


This is the only image I could find in my brief search. If you live in Portland, I would recommend you go to the Portland Art Museum if only to see this one piece. Maybe it’s just my keyed up emotional state, but when I turned the corner and discovered this, I caught my breath and immediately choked up. It’s truly gorgeous and powerful, as nature is itself.

Shout out to April Gornik! Click the link to visit her website. Her work is astounding in its understanding and sensitivity to the sublimity of nature.


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