Portlandia Part III

Be sure to look for a brief glimpse or two of my paintings “I Love Every Little Thing About You” and “Mid-Mountain Blues” in the background of the ‘School For The Deaf’ sequence(s) of Portlandia, Season 6, Episode 8. :) Coming soon-ish to a screen near you!

I Love Every Little Thing About You

I Love Every Little Thing About You


Motivation comes in many forms, but frankly, the best is having someone recognize your work as worthwhile.

I’m not sure what to expect from (hopefully) having my work seen, even subliminally, on Portlandia – there are no guarantees it will make it onto the air – the shot in the arm is much appreciated.

I know what I do fits the aesthetic of the show, and to have their art scout agree that the work is ‘good enough for television’ is a sincere vote of confidence.

It also got me back in the studio last night. Pictures coming soon!

Portlandia Part 2

Wooty woot woot! The Art Scout loved the work, so I’ll be delivering all 5 pieces I submitted for potential set-dressing on the show! Here’s hoping some of it makes it into a scene or two! (Or maybe that Kyle Maclachlan knocks a piece to the floor and is forced to buy it. You gotta get into a person’s collection any way you can!)

I Love Every Little Thing About You

I Love Every Little Thing About You

This is the one I’m going to have a hard time sending off to Portlandia Camp for a few months. She’s my baby and one of those pieces that sent me hurtling off in my current direction. In a word, she’s my favorite. And no, I have never before assigned a gender to any of my paintings.


Well, I just sent off some art samples in hopes of maybe getting some work hung in the background of a scene or two! To date my only other on-screen exposure has been in an informercial for a tooth-whitening product, the name of which I have since forgotten.

As for Portlandia, I love the show! It’s funny, smart, cleverly edited and sort-of spot on as a skewering of a certain ‘Portland Type’ or two. Those who criticize it for ‘ruining Portland’ by inspiring incoming hordes of like-minded folks, I think miss the mark. But hey, that’s just me!

Fingers crossed!

New Show!

Hello Fine Friends!
There are a bunch of paintings hanging in the Heritage Room at Bridgeport Brew Pub, (1313 NW Marshall Street, Portland Oregon) and rumor has it that they are mine.

Come join me Sunday July 12th from 3 – 5PM for an open house showing! Drinks will be available for purchase in the Heritage Room! You can also eat before or after in the Brew Pub. (No food allowed in the Heritage Room during the open house, however.)

I’d love to see you there!