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All I Want Is You

The painting in repose. It is one I gave up on two-plus years ago. I found it and started to work on it again in the past couple of months. I am wildly happy with it now. Some things have their time. Some reach the end. Some can take on a new life. The key is this; never give up on yourself. IMG_6187

Why I Do It

In all seriousness, this is why I do it. I’m not necessarily trying to advance the conversation about art in general, though I am trying to advance my conversation with art. I’m not making art to comment on society or to advance any sort of political agenda. I guess with titling I hope to encourage viewers to examine their interior lives and views on love and relationships.


But here’s why I do it, for really and truly. I want to make work that makes you want to get up from your bed when you can’t sleep, to go and look at it. I want to make work that makes you unable to sleep, because you want to get up and go look at it. I want to make work that’s the first thing you want to look at when you walk into the room, because you have that kind of relationship with it.

Huh? Whuzzat?

Finished up some more work over the past couple of nights. Going to try to photograph it if the light is right tomorrow. (This in advance of buying some new bulbs and doing slightly better photography, at which point I’ll try to rephotograph everything and then upload until my head explodes.)

Also, flung those last three paintings I posted into the ‘painting’ gallery section, so if you want to see them there, go ahead and click, I dare ya!

And there you go! 3 new works in the Painting Gallery!


Old & New

Hanging on the wall picture of a painting circa 1989, and detail of a new piece, “All I Want Is You”. Is there throughput to be seen? Or is it good enough to know this art stuff has been going on for some time now?



Fractal Art Show

Here’s a little glimpse of my recent show of 3D Fractal art at the Peculiarium in Portland, Oregon. It was a fun time for sure. Good times, good times.