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I like to distill things, and I like things that are distilled. (Easy now.) When something is stripped down and only its most perfect elements remain, and are further perfected, that sort of does it for me.


Lately I’ve been hammering the large piece (to whom I need to grant some siblings) in little fits and starts. I like where it is, but each time I look at it, I see something else I can do to it. Each little bit keeps making it better, and leads to something else I could do that would likely make it a little bit better and lead to something more …

Hard to know when to quit, so here’s this: Freakout/Starry Eyes – LCD Soundsystem ….

‘Crazy Solvency Daze!’

‘Crazy Solvency Daze!’ at Kurt Merrifield Dahlke Art! All art 20% off and free delivery in the Portland area. Large paintings, once $300, now ’til who knows, just $240. Small ones, once $75, now $60. Take a look at the painting gallery to see what’s there. Send me a message or use paypal on the page. Thanks for looking! Value Art!

“More excuses and more excuses”

Dragging my feet on getting new panels and starting new large pieces, so instead took down a larger piece from the wall which always seemed unfinished and pushed it a little further. Now it REALLY seems unfinished, but maybe has a better chance of being done soon. Also cranked out a little more work on four small panels which have a much tighter set of constraints. Of course that makes them easier to complete, but trickier to fall in love with. Or maybe not. Here’s a glimpse at both old and new. Let me know what you think! The large one is a detail, the piece is 3′ x 5′.

IMG_6206 IMG_6205

All I Want Is You

The painting in repose. It is one I gave up on two-plus years ago. I found it and started to work on it again in the past couple of months. I am wildly happy with it now. Some things have their time. Some reach the end. Some can take on a new life. The key is this; never give up on yourself. IMG_6187