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Fractal Art Show

Here’s a little glimpse of my recent show of 3D Fractal art at the Peculiarium in Portland, Oregon. It was a fun time for sure. Good times, good times.

“Say We’ll Meet Again”

Just wanted to shout out to my fans from abroad. Viewers from Mexico, Venezula, Brazil and Chile this past week! Here’s to you, amigos, a new painting. 

"Say We'll Meet Again"
This snap was taken in my hallway with zero light, on my phone. I’ll be taking more professional shots of new work soon.

Two Paintings With The Same Name (Details)

I listen to music very closely while painting, and one of my go-to musicians is Lindsey Buckingham, which is why these two paintings ended up with the same name, the title of a Buckingham song. I’ll probably change one name before unleashing these on the unsuspecting public. Last night was a good one for painting though. About 45 minutes of staring at both pieces, and about 15 minutes of throwing color down. The more I think, the better the result. I’m happy with these two. They’re done, except for a little coat of clear, watered down acrylic to give them a slight sheen and seal them up. Seal it up.


"All My Sorrows"

“All My Sorrows”

All My Sorrows

“All My Sorrows”

“A Long Time Ago We Used To Be Friends”

Is this the last painting I ‘completed’? And, what the hell does completing a painting actually mean, anyway? All those art teachers would say you take your painting up to the beauty point, then you push it over the edge, then you try to bring it back again. It’s a weird philosophy, but I guess that’s what happens to us in real life all the time. Tension. Release. Or something. I like how violent this one is.